Russian Jewelry

We are proud to present fine Russian Jewelry. All these items are unique high quality artworks, executed accordinally to preliminary elaborated and approved pattern.
The designs range from the classical to the avant-garde.

Large veriety of choice and exqisite shape are able to satisfy even the most particular and pretencious customers.

The original designs and ecxelent worksmanship of these produsts have been praised in various countries of Europe and Nothern America.


Rostov Finift is a traditional Russian handcraft, first mentioning of which is dated back to 1175. At that time an enamel was considered one of the most precious and beautiful materials. Its' origins go back to the ancient Byzantium. Since that time, the art of finift have gradually become purely Russian. The name "Finift" originally came from the Greek "Fingitis" (white or shining stone), then got changed to "Finipt" and later became "Finift".

In 18th century the city of Rostov the Great became the main center of enamel painting. The city itself is famous for its' rich artistic tradition among Russians and foreigners alike. The artists of the present time still carefully preserve the ancient tradition of Finift for generations to come.

The process of creating beautiful Finift is very delicate and requires an enormous practical experience. Even the slightest change in it can ruin an almost finished piece. A thin layer of enamel powder is placed onto a copper plate and cured in an oven. This process is repeated several times to achieve the smooth look of enamel.

After the initial preparation, it's the artist's turn. The biggest challenge for the artist is to predict what color the painting is going to be on the finished piece. The painting itself is never done in just one layer. Usually it takes three, four, and sometimes even more layers of paint to achieve the desired look. After each layer of paint is applied, the piece is cured at high temperatures. These beautiful and unique artistic creations are able to keep their original brightness and color for centuries never fading or loosing its' beauty.


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